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Principal-Consultant Problem

Principals can/may not take refuge behind consultants.

Behavior of organised society in terms of EMOP

How does society respond to Covid-19?

Collecting Employee Data

How do they do it?

EMOP's Hidden Link

A mental construct of leadership

Effective Operational Leadership when Working From Home

Make working from home more effective and efficient.

5-D scans: What, Why, How?

Use Business Intelligence without needing to know technicalities.

Treasure in, Treasure Through, Treasure Out

Turn Data into Applicable Meaning.

EMOP as a leadership/followership guide: #5/5 - Context

A basic requirement for Situational Leadership.

EMOP as a leadership/followership guide: #4/5 - Time

Look back to see how your organisation is developing.

EMOP as a leadership/followership guide: #3/5 - Depth

Take an outsider's view, have specific points of interest looked at and be open to new ideas.

EMOP as a leadership/followership guide: #2/5 - Height

Prevent hindsight bias and incongruity at different organisational levels.

EMOP as a leadership/followership guide: #1/5 - Width

Find out what followers want and need from their leader.

5-D Organizational Scans

Get more out of your organizational surveys and measurements.

The Elementary Model of Organisational Processes (EMOP)

What can we learn about organisations, from looking at it?

The Elementary Model Questionnaire (EMQ)

Quantifying Organisational Behaviour

The Elementary Model of Organisational Processes (EMOP)

The essentials of all organisations, and how they mutually correlate

Free Booklet: Thought to Behaviour (TtB)

An integrative explanation of human behaviour

Explaining Human Behaviour: Thought To Behaviour

What causes human behaviour?

Can excellent leadership be imitated?

Excellent leadership is not ‘what excellent leaders do’

What is an Organisation?

A beacon for leadership

What is Service Management?

Measures, means, service level and contingency

What is Change Management?

Nothing more than the intended change

What is Organisation Effectiveness?

What makes an organisation effective?

What is Organisation Development?

What are the Fundamentals of OD?

What is Leadership?

Three preparatory steps for Leadership Development

Teleworking: Can it fulfil its promises?

Myths and facts about teleworking, its potential and its consequences.

Technology vs. knowledge

Misunderstandings between IT support staff and the user community.

Why do so many (ERP) projects fail?

The named causes do not merely apply to ERP projects.

Mergers & Acquisition - legal aspects

Brief outline of legal aspects related to mergers & acquisition.

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